Vintage Big Blocks
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Your Source for 60's Chevy 396, 427, 454 Blocks 

Heads and Engines for your Muscle Cars.




I sell mostly blocks, heads, cranks and intakes for 1965-1972 Chevy big block muscle cars. My parts are guaranteed rebuildable.

Can have engines built by a very good machine shop. Below is a Video of a 69 427 stock engine for a customers Camaro, Engine was built by Steve at Steves Auto in Little Valley, NY. Made 475HP at 485Ft lbs of Torque. Takes 20 secounds to load.






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 If you are going to put all that time and money into restoring your car, how can you not try to put the correct motor back in, Its the most important part of your restoration,  These engines will allways hold their value!


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